About Me

I am an avid reader, I would be happy for the rest of my life if I could just lounge about reading and writing to my hearts content. I often sacrifice food and sleep for one more chapter.

I always want to share what I’m reading with someone, talk about the books that are ripping my heart out or that make me literally laugh out loud. My dear mom never has to actually read a book because I feel the need to tell her all about my current read, first describing the plot, then diving into how the book is making me feel. Many of our conversations are just me rambling on about a book.

In an effort to spare my poor mom, I’ve decided to start a review blog. Maybe now I will have the discipline to actually write and post a review before moving onto the next book instead of just gushing to my mom. Wish me luck and I hope my reviews help you choose your next read!

Professional Reader


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