10 Thoughts on the 50 Shades of Grey / Trump Meme

  1. This is the dumbest meme regarding the election. Period.
  1. This meme shames women for reading a book; aims to justify sexist, degrading, and downright scary comments coming from one of the most powerful men in the country; and has the potential to make women feel as if they deserve to be treated so horrible because they read a book.
  1. Stop! Stop shaming women for the actions of a man. Stop attacking a perfectly healthy lifestyle (regardless of whether or not you agree with how it’s portrayed in this specific book, if you’ve read it) because it’s not your lifestyle. Every scene between Christian and Ana is consensual. You may not agree with their relationship, but it’s consensual.
  1. Laughing, joking and advocating sexual assault, against men or women, regardless of who you are, when you said it, or which side of the political line you fall on, is not ok. It is NEVER ok!
  1. You can still support Trump’s policies without supporting, and especially without defending, how he speaks about women (and minorities). I encourage everyone to vote this year. But if this is who you want to be your next president, start holding him to a higher standard. His behavior and mindset towards women is what leads to men becoming the next Brock Turner and women becoming the next ‘poor girl behind a dumpster.’
  1. Yes, other political figures have said nasty things in the past, too. If we keep operating under the mindset of it’s always been said/happened, it will continue to always be said/happen. We can’t keep saying its ok or ignoring it. It’s not ok and it’s not going away.
  1. Trump is not the norm for how most men talk about or treat women. If this statement is not true for the men in your life, I am sorry. I am so sorry.
  1. This is not just about the recording, but about everything he has said regarding women. Ever.
  1. Yes, women can be just as inappropriate and raunchy. Again, we have to stop accepting this as normal, stop ignoring it because other people do it. We have to effect change.
  1. The United States of America can do better.

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